An Update from me

So it has been quite some time since my last blog post. It wasn’t because I disappear, sick (or die) or anything, but I have decided to build up my own blogspot from scratch again using Vue instead of Jekyll.


Why indeed I am building it again? Well, the reason is simple, this site does not belong to me, or rather, I built it with a Jekyll theme, Beautiful Jekyll. It is no doubt an amazing theme, looks great and easily customizable. However, as I said, this theme is made by someone else, and Jekyll and Ruby is quite an alien language to me, not to mention the Liquid framework used by Jekyll. Even when I wanted to change some elements or styles, it will take a great amount of time for me to find out where is the element or where is the styling rule.

All in all, I decided to build my own site from scratch, using a technology that I am more familiar with, which is NPM and Vue using Nuxt. I managed to cook up something that is somewhat fancier than this site after several months although it is still incomplete yet. Nevertheless, I am much more satisfied with my new site compared to this csdiary, so this site will be closed as soon as my dns expires and will remain as a site in github page.

After I finish with my new site, I will update the link here!