I am a Malaysian who is enthusiastic in coding. I may be a small computer geek, but unlike geeks in TV shows or legendaries who started coding since they were young, I just started coding in 2019 (My Programming Journey if you’re interested on how I started), when I was 18.

What about my life before programming?

High School

SMK Seri Bintang Utara, my high school
SMK Seri Bintang Utara, my high school

Well, I was pretty much a normal student in high school. During high school, I dreamt to be a theoretical physicist to study about subatomic particles and quantum physics or a mathematician. However, this dream wasn’t realistic in Malaysia, so I eventually decided to study engineering of some fields. Moreover, though I had some talents in Mathematics, when it came to deeper topics like Special Relativity, I realized I wasn’t able to comprehend well which directly resulted in me changing my dream.

Anything interesting about my high school life?
  • In the last 3 years of my high school (equivalent to grade 9 to 11), I got 2nd place in every exam, never raises, never drops.
  • I was a prefect in high school.
  • I managed to get 10A+ (That’s equivalent to be in top 10 percentile for all 10 subjects I taking) in SPM. Frankly speaking, obtaining 10A+ was one of my proudest moments in my life.
  • I was kinda active in Wushu during high school, joining competitions twice a year.
My team winning first place in National BEGIN Innovation Competition (I'm the 4th from left)
My team winning first place in National BEGIN Innovation Competition (I'm the 4th from left)

Throughout the 5 years of high school, I dedicated a lot of time in studying which eventually brought me some good results in exams. Nonetheless, I do spend time in extracurricular activities especially in joining Wushu, and some Math and Science competitions.


UCSI College, my college
UCSI College, my college

Shortly after SPM, as I wasn’t sure of what to study (I was still hesitant about engineering), I chose to take A levels in UCSI College. It was also during this time that I began to take up tutoring job, starting with juniors in my high school.

Anything interesting about my college life?
  • I obtained Top in the World Awards for Mathematics during my AS examination. (scoring 100% in the test)
  • I obtained 3A* in the final A2 examination.
  • Beside part time tutoring, I also took up Wushu coach as side job.
  • I started my programming journey during college.

Unfortunately, due to the part time jobs I took up, I became less active in extracurricular activities during my college time.

Asia Pacific University, my university
Asia Pacific University, my university

At start, I was rather interested with Actuarial Science. Nevertheless, after learning Python, I believed that programming would be my true love. So after researching for Malaysian universities that are famous in programming, I resolved to apply for Asia Pacific University, my current university.