Hello there 👋, my name is Hoh Shen Yien. I’m an undergraduate student who is interested software development and machine learning.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I am currently studying Computer Science with specialism in Data Analytics at Asia Pacific University in Malaysia.
  • I had obtained 10A+ in SPM (high school final examination) and 3A* in A level.
  • I enjoy writing codes and doing projects. Some of my best projects can be found here.
  • I have been working as a part time tutor either personally or teaching in a tuition center.
  • As a Chinese living in Malaysia, I can speak, read and write English, Malay and Mandarin well. I am also currently learning a bit of Japanese.
  • I love playing chess and reading manga.
  • I love Linux and triple boot my laptop with Arch, Manjaro and Windows.

My Programming Skills

  • Python
    Python is my favourite and the first programming language that I learned. Beside basic syntax, I've used various libraries including PyQT5, Numpy, Panda, Tensorflow and more to build projects before.
  •   Java
    I have used Java in developing two Android apps before and in the process, I've gained a lot of experience in writing Java codes.
  • R
    R is yet another language that I really love to use especially for data analysis and exploratiion. I haven't been able to do much in R, but I have completed the Data Scientist career track from Datacamp. I am able to use rather fluently ggplot2 and tidyverse packages.
  •  &C++
    I haven't used C and C++ much. Nevertheless, I've built a desktop app with C++ using QT framework. Besides, I've also implemented multithreading in C before too.
    I can't really create a cool animation or some creative arts with HTML & CSS, but by relying on Bootstrap, I am able to create some cool webpages. I didn't really focus much on both of these languages as they're not my priorities, but as I program, both of these languages improve gradually along as well.
  • Beside the ones mentioned above, I’ve also had some experience with javascirpt, Haskell, C# and Kotlin.
  • I am also rather good with data structures and algorithms as I do Leetcode problems every now and then.

More about me